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tv   [untitled]    February 19, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PST

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example is puc's acre cafe and they don't sell boltsed water but they have a refilling charging station, right? and so, we do have in our city properties we do have entities that cafes, and that, you know, sell food and water and so in that sense and in that direction, we are already sort of moving as a city kind of reretrofitting out city properties, to provide more access to tap water. and so it is a direction kind of the city is going in already. >> and so if that makes sense, so let's say with the cafe down stairs, they would not sell bottled water. there. >> right, i think that we are getting a lot of questions is outside of the city hall which is city property which is on the street. >> yeah. >> which is technically city property. >> i think that it is fantastic what the city is doing within
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its buildings and i also think that companies and the various corporations are doing the same thing to facility the elimination of plastic boltses and more and more people are carrying reusable bottles and i carry one with me as well. but again, i am hard pressed to see why we should be legislating this. i think that the city has done a great job on their own of promoting this. and they should continue to do so and i think that the companies should as well and i think that there are too many issues around this legislation, you know, what the city wants to do itself i think that they should keep doing. >> okay. >> that provides direction. >> commissioner white? >> i have a problem with this effecting the mobile carts and the chaos, because when we talk about the city properties, we are just talking about our parks as well. and golden gate park when tr there are people that need to get to water and i guess that i have a question back to you and has there been any study in regards to these mobile carts that you know, as far as the
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quantity that is really getting back into the environment? >> do you know? as far as you know, >> you mean, how many plastic bottles they sell? >> yes, i think that the issue of the mobile, you know, the thuks that comes up is one of the things that i mentioned that we are open to addressing and having those conversations if you guys want to recommend that we remove them that is an option that is on the table. >> but, as far as how many plastic bottles come from mobile trucks we don't have that data. >> i can't imagine that it is huge. >> okay, commissioners do you have any recommendations or we don't have to do anything at all. >> i think that we should certainly recommend removing food trucks and push carts from this entirely. >> or we can recommend that they redo it and come back. >> because i can't support this.
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>> that i think is just one of a multitude of issues here and i think that just simply removing one more line item from a piece of legislation which i find to be lacking to begin with is just kind of picking at the carkas and so i would like to recommend that if they want to bring back a piece of legislation that addresses these issues that is great and otherwise i don't know that there is any action required on our part. >> agreed. >> director dick-endrizzi? >> i just want to make sure that for the staff, we will say that there is no recommendation, at this point, that the commission determines that there is significant you know, there is more work sort of summarizing your comments. and i do, i would like to be your approval, in that for any
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reason should this be moving forward, and there is enough for the supervisor's votes to also be able to go to the board of supervisor's to say that we would specifically want to make sure that mobile food is taken out of it. >> so,... >> i think that we can enumerate whether we want to do it here or if we want to do with it staff and enumerate the various issues that we have from the environmental desirability of the plastic verses the glass and cans which is clearly going to be some percentage that goes to glass and cans. this notion that it is water oebl only and not a host of other beverages that are bottled in plastic. and these issues with businesses that are adjacent to these events that can sell it, while the people who have paid to be at the event can. and large events where there is an expectation that there is going to be portable water and not in cups, the trade off
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between plastic and cup waste and verses plastic bottle waste and whether that is a significant issue, and so, there may be others in the record, but i think that these are all issues that should be dealt with if we are going to legislate something like this. so, if you would like us to move that and help to approve that, that to the staff for the presentation of the supervisors that is fine. >> okay. >> so do you think that you have enough, sort of direction in terms of how to write the commission's response? >> sure, as long as we are concluding that the commission is not going to take action today, i think that i have enough to enumerate the specific concerns that would be ideal to readdress and bring back to the commission and revise the legislation and if that is not the case to advocate for the staff level and if necessary, at the board of supervisors. >> yeah, i mean that there very well may be a piece of legislation that we can get behind but the present legislation, i don't think it
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behoofs us to say no or aye just to say that it is in the done yet. >> the fact that it is not in the law with the mayor and i am okay with that and already being done with that and it works. but education is a powerful thing. >> yeah. and you know, you come into the city hall, you know that are water fountains and or in any city building, it is the outside stuff that i have the concerns with, that is all. >> are we good. >> i think that we are good now. thank you. >> okay. >> next item. >> mr. president, that brings us to item 7, the director's report this is a discussion item. >> so, commissioners last meeting you received a presentation on the business tax, launch and out reach and we are talking about the
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business tax that incompasses the increase in the business registration and also then the transition into the gross receipts, and just wanted to, you received some copies of the marketing materials but to let you know that the marketing campaign has officially launched, and i provided you with a picture of the side of one of the muni trains, you know, with the advertising, just to start building the awareness. 95,000 pieces of collateral are being mailed with the 1234 piece of collateral and we had the workshops with the library and that was filled to the capacity. and so again, those are being held monthly the first thursday of every month on bis and excuse me i put bis tax.
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dot org and is there a calendar list of any of the presentation and and any of the general presentations such as the first thursday and in case there are questions from the businesses, and from wanting to know where they can go and get a presentation, and again, if you are hearing from any business group, and that has not been out reached to. and wants to receive a presentation, either let me know or and we will pass that on to thompson. and the bis portal, and the consultant tomorrow partners has completed its workshops and focus groups. and some of you have and were participate ng that. and so, the next step is for them to just fill down the information and to distill down the information to apply that to developing the design of the
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portal. and we are at that phase and jane and i have talked about coming and providing and coming to you for the findings and directions that they will be headed in. and the last meeting i informed you that the sbdc the city was awarded the proposal and so, this official contract has not been signed yet as far as the official transfer of duties, and it is not, complete yet, and i will be meeting both with todd and jordan cline to start working out the logistics of the integration. >> the mayor, and the small business leaders have their fifth quarterly meeting with the mayor last week. and two topics and of course, commissioner dwight you were there, and so feel free to add your comments, and the key topics were the mayor has
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launched a pedestrian awareness campaign. and as he noted, that now in san francisco, we have had more homicides, pedestrian homicides than we have the other, i am sorry, not homicides deaths. and so, which sort of raises the significance of doing a pedestrian awareness campaign. and so the small business leaders really wanted to let the mayor know that they really want to be engaged and support the mayor in that initiative through educating tenants. and you know, employees, and customers. and so, our office will be working with the mayor's office, and when, getting the collateral information and start distributing that and i will be able to give you that when it comes available.
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and then the second ited em that was of discussion was around the minimum wage, and just beginning that discussion with the mayor as he is starting to do his look and analysis into the increase to a minimum wage. okay? >> and is there anything at this point, or that you would like to... and i mean that i think that the business leaders did a very good job in doing a very sort of well constructed presentation for the mayor. and one of his concluding remarks did say as part of his assessment of affordability is also, you know, wanting to insure the affordability for small business as well. so, in kind of in conjunction with sort of our last meeting that i mean our last presentation that we had, the mayor has issued an executive
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directive to all departments to do water conservation. and now, our office is very small, we are housed in a building that we are housed in a building that already has someone else dealing with the water conservation issues in terms of changing out toilets you know, sinks and things of that sort, but one of the things that we can do is work to really educate businesses. because we are in a severe drought, that, and you know the message is every drop counts. and so, i will be, and oewd will be working with the puc's, pio and public information officer to see what we can do to encourage businesses, there is rebates available, for toilets, and rebates available for laundry equipment, and for businesses, that utilize the laundry equipment and encourage
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the businesses to take advantage of those, and replace any old equipment that they may have. >> also, the mayor has convened a jobs stake holder forum which is led by miller, and so the office of small business has been invited to be part of this. because taking a look at individuals, some individuals are you know, want to work for other individuals and some, when we talk about the job innovation and job innovation also can be a small entrepreneur as well. and so this is really taking a look at our diverse communities with an emphasis on african american youth. and which sort of just does tie-in with what commissioner
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dooley talked about during the new business last week in terms of what can we do to work with small businesses, to have around hiring and employment and but our focus and our participation with this forum is how do we also help these individuals who may have a business idea, be able to instead of going the job route, and you know, working for someone else, and understand what is the route and the avenue and the resources available for this them to start a business? >> i have provided you with a list of workshops and conferences that are coming up. a couple of things to highlight is you received some invitations to the mayor's winter of love. celebrating the ten years of mayor, and then mayor newsome or the governor in terms of doing the gay marriages then there is the lunar new year we
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have the sf, nighty awards coming up and i did want to take a quick discussion to maybe talk about the small business retreat and we are having some difficulty in being able to schedule all commissioners to be there. and so, we can tentatively have it on the fifth. and march fifth and but we will be minus one commissioner, or what i would like is some direction to either push that out in to later march, to try to find a date, for all commissioners to be able to attend. so that is kind of open for some feedback for you. >> i don't think that anybody should get a bi, on this. >> we need to have the retreat. >> and i am okay with the fifth if everybody else is. everybody is okay with commissioner...
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>> is it all day? >> well, that time slot is proposed that seemed to work for most of the commissioners was 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. >> is everybody good with that. >> good by me. >> all right. so, good, and then i will be following up with everybody to start, i would like to start thinking about, i have in your binder, is the strategic and action plan from last year and so you can use that to reflect on and then think about for
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this coming year what you would like to put on that and i think that i will just close out my time and unless there is any questions. and you know, there is a list of all of the legislative matters that are before the commission. >> i would like to let this gentleman know that the broad way restricted alcohol use will be heard at our next meeting on february the 24th. >> it is not supposed to be put before... i was told that it will not be put in front of the, it has not been heard by planning, and it will not be heard in front of the board of supervisors until the end of march? >> early march. >> so we will hear that before they do. >> okay, any other comments?
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>> next item? >> item number 8, legislation and policy committee report. this is a discussion item. >> everything that we had at the legislation and policy was moved to this body. so we will be hearing, and we heard two items today and we will hear the other two items in two weeks. >> right. the two items that didn't make it on today aagenda were the ecigarette legislation and the broad way alcohol. >> right, but we will be hearing those at the next meeting >> right. >> at this point, definitely the broad way, i am not sure about the ecigarettes, the supervisor has not... he indicated that there is still some more work that they are doing. >> okay. >> hopefully. >> it will be broad way, and so we told them that we would hear it and we need to hear that one. >> so that is all that i have for legs and policy.
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>> takes us to 9, the president's report, a discussion item. >> the only thing that i have to say is small business week is coming up, quicker than..., and already. >> and in may, and so we are already starting to meet on that. and more to follow at future meetings, also, i attended the council of the district of merchant's dinner last week which was interesting. and i also caught a ribbon for the euro's express that opened up on saturday with supervisor weiner and senator leno which is kind of fun. that is all that i have to report. >> thank you. >> item ten, vice president's report. >> nothing to report, i did it also, attend the san francisco council, dinner.
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as well. >> thank you, that takes us to item 11, commissioner reports discussion item? >> do you have any commissioner? >> dooley. >> i also attended the council of district merchant's dinner, but what i really wanted to report on is what i had brought up at our last end of our meeting which about encouraging minority use, especially african americans, to get more involved in different industries, and to that intent i met last week with the folks at the elama hutch community center and starting next week, i am going to be starting a program, that is going to train interested youth there, on how to get involved in the floral industry. we are, aiming to actually
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create at the center a group of kids that will be well trained enough that they can participate and designing flowers and making some money, in the community, and bidding on different contracts, and i will be there to be the team leader as they do that and our first event will be may 8th, they have an event coming up at the admiral's house and we will be doing the flowers, myself and the kids that i am going to be putting together for that. >> awesome. >> also, i mentioned to them that i would be able to have some speakers come to talk to them about opportunities in the pet-related industry. and so, we are going to be inviting pet store owners, and pet walkers, to show them, you know, we just, i want to open up, some ways for people to be
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thinking about careers that maybe had not occured to them before and especially if we are going to be not as much encouraging large big box stores coming in. and we need to have an alternative for people coming up into the workforce, and show them a way that they can be more independent, and earn a good living and have a skill that they can take with them ever wherever they go. >> thanks, thank you very good that is cool. >> okay. >> any other commissioner reports? >> so, i did attend the quarterly meeting with the mayor. and obviously the hot topic is minimum wage and so, i think we are going to be need to prepare for a lot of discussion on this matter, because it will effect small business, as a matter of fact it will have the most dramatic effect on small business. and so, i think that there is a lot of research that needs to be done and a lot of case
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studies that we should be soliciting from, businesses who can describe how changes in minimum wage are going to change their profitability and their viability. and so, this will be an ongoing discussion, and i am going to be part of it. >> as will i. >> yeah. >> okay, any other commissioner comments? >> seeing none, next item? >> item 12, general public comment, this is a discussion item and mr. president, i have one speaker card from ace washington. >> okay. >> good evening, commissioners my name is ace washington and as i mentioned before i was just about my first time or second time coming here. but i am not a person that don't know about the city and i have been here 25 years. probably longer than most of you all. i was around in the 5th district and i have credentials
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and ross was the boss, in my district. let me speak clear and frank and i don't want to get attention. i am glad that commissioner came to hutch and you mentioned african americans and two or three teams which is good and which i am an african american. and which i am also here to also to share some information that you may or may not know. the issue in the fillmore, we have been devastated by redevelopment agency in the city, for over 50 years and i am 60 years. and it is my, next tuesday. and you know, i am a historian in the fillmore. and i am also here talking about, the things that is going on one of your commissioners is a former lady and what do you call it a merchant association and i have been there for over 25 years and i was there when you had one merchant association and i worked for them and created everything that what they are doing now for the last ten years. and i am apauled for what is
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going on for the individuals with a strength on the community that won't let go and won't let go. and they are leadership, is just clickish, and it has set us back a number of years. and it did that 50 years ago, and it has done in the last ten years but i am going to break it up this time, the thing about is it that we are going have to a request about a public hearing and it did not take place and kristina, the last supervisor for the planning commission and also for the oewd and the workforce development, and which are very integral in our community, black community, and we have got a strong hold on what is going on, my credentials show that i have been involved in 25 years and i have been in the state commission and talking about the redevelopment agency and i was there for the jazz agency and currently right now yoshi is closing, our businesses that are closed down and it is iron nick that you are trying to launch some business thing and talking
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about you going to help disadvantaged communities, well when he came to our community, he just started closing down, and i don't have to go into the history of that, i have a history of three supervisors. and i was there with yoshi and i opened it and there are articles on how we gave the money to the business in the fillmore that failed us, and we cannot use a facility at that fillmore, whatever it is called, yoshi but i am here to going to tell the city that i am going to intervene if i have to go to jail i will go to jail. hands out, we need all hands on deck. in the western edition and i am glad that you came we have problems, big problems. that on the surface it looks like with the name, doing a good job, she has done a good job up until recently things have changed. and the other thing that i have been up to the state and talked about it. this is the biggest problem that we got here.
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millions of dollars that failed us, that we gave on our tax increment and you talk about the black businesses and we don't have none in there and we talk about the people working and not on fillmore street and even at the established businesses that are owned by our own people. there is a, and i am going to do a report, and that is going to reveal, everything, and it is called the faces, the places and the traces that is on ace's cases and it is going to reveal what happened to the last ten years and that have been did he devastating to the community. >> and i don't know how long the organization is together but it does not really help us out at all. your director came to a meeting to talk about yoshi and explain and all of them and nothing has tooken place, i am here to tell the city and county and ed lee, which he knows me quite well, i worked with him when he was not even in politics. and so i am here to say ace is on the case. and i am not new to this i am true to this. but i am very upset the way that things are going right now.
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particularly in this... >> you will see me on a regular basis from here on out. >> stew. thank you. >> any other members of the public? >> closed. >> item 13, new business, discussion item. >> do you have any items for new business? >> seeing none, that item is closed. next item? >> item 14, adjournment, action item. >> do we have a motion to adjourn? >> i move. >> i second. >> meeting is adjourned, thank you. >>
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morning. >> good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us i know you'd probably like to be at the bay bridge. i want to thank you mayor ed lee for welcoming us as we introduce a piece of legislation that lo will allow us to fight the good fight for the accreditation of city college of san francisco but to roar it's enforcement and
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stabilize it's fund. all 3 pieces go together. i'll be introducing two hour speakers the superintendant of the san francisco succinct and the community college erick skinner and we are community college san francisco trust if he ann anita as well as jenny from chinese affirmative action and i believe alyssa from the local a ftc f t. so again, we all know there are great challenges to observer about beau lovedol


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